What Top Maths Grades Can Mean for Your Career Prospects

Obtaining top grades at any level of education (including the SATs, GCSEs or AS- & A-Levels) can offer many future career opportunities, particularly for those who study core subjects such as Maths. Maths is one of the most widely used subjects after school and university life, yet many people underestimate the advantage that having a good Mathematics grade can give you.

Many career advertisements nowadays ask for at least a grade C or above in GCSE Maths, since this is usually a key component of employment. This does not necessarily demand knowledge of Mathematics specifically, rather it is what having a good Maths grade represents that interests employers. It sets children up with an excellent basis in problem solving, attention to detail and analysis, all of which are all skills that you learn from studying Maths.

A career founded on mathematical study does not determine a future in academic Maths. We have listed a range of possible career choices that would be relevant to those with a strong mathematical grounding:

  • Medical research
  • Games designer
  • Audio software
  • Climate prediction
  • Finance
  • Data analyst
  • Teacher
  • Retail
  • Researcher
  • Computing
  • Accountancy
  • Banker
  • Meteorologist
  • Business
  • Information Technology
  • Auditor
  • Stock Broker
  • Statistician

As well as including your Maths qualifications on your CV, there are other more general mathematical principles you could add as a result of your studies in that area. Handling important data, data analysis, or the ability of logical thinking, to name just a few, are all skills which come from learning Mathematics and should all be mentioned when applying for jobs in any sector.

The tutors we recommend are fully up-to-date with every change in the UK national curriculum. They ensure that your children are fully prepared both for their school examinations (at Key Stage Two SATs, GCSE, AS- or A-Level) and for the mathematical skills required in future employment.

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