University of East Anglia

The UEA (University of East Anglia) has been voted as the top university by students on

The Student’s Choice Awards are exactly what they sound, present and past students rate their universities out of five stars and give their comments on what makes their university the best. There are separate sections to fill out including accommodation, course and lectures, and job prospects; there is also an overall section. All of these results are collated and then presented on the website in order of the highest rated by students.

UEA’s average rating out of the 186 reviews is 4.72 out of 5; the second contender was Swansea University which is rated at 4.65 out of 5. In fact, the top ten are all rated at an average of 4.32 (University of Kent) and above.

When rating the universities out of each specific area, Durham University was voted the best in terms of courses and lecturers, which is arguably the most important factor in attending university; this is alongside The University of Surrey, which was voted the best with regards to job prospects.

Students would argue that they want to enjoy university life and the city in which they are residing. The top university for student union is again The University of Anglia, could this then mean when students think of the overall enjoyment of university they are placing more value on student life rather than quality of the course? In terms of city life, Newcastle University was voted highest before King’s College London and University of Leeds.

When considering a University, it is important to pick an institute that fulfils a student’s needs in terms of accommodation, location and course quality. However the main factor is ensuring that students receive the best education possible, and the most amount of support from tutors.

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