Top 10 UK Universities

The United Kingdom is home to some of the most prestigious universities in the world. Oxford and Cambridge Universities are household names, alongside Universities in the USA such as Harvard and Yale.

For many, the decision to go to university, and which university to attend is one of the earliest big decisions a person has to make. For most of us it involves moving home, meaning moving away from family and friends, and often this will be for the first time. It is then that real adult life begins. Such incidences like paying bills, renting a home and studying for your future career is all now real life as opposed to something that will happen ‘when you grow up’.

It is no surprise then that many students turn to league tables to make their decision; the only question now, is which league table to turn to. There are many different league tables available, not surprisingly, some of them have ranked universities not only in a different order, but include institutions that are nowhere to be found on the other two lists.

Rank Telegraph Complete University Guide Guardian


University of Oxford University of Cambridge University of Cambridge


University of Cambridge University of Oxford University of Oxford


Imperial College London London School of Economics London School of Economics


University College London Imperial College London St Andrews


London School of Economics Durham University University College London


Kings College London St Andrews Durham University


University of Edinburgh University College London University of Bath


University of Manchester University of Warwick University of Surrey


University of Bristol University of Bath Imperial College London


Durham University University of Exeter University of Warwick


All three tables above use different methods to identify how a university receives its rank, hence they’re all placed in a different order.

Mostly it seems that the rankings are based on a combination of student satisfaction, number of dropouts, number of students who receive a 1st class degree, spend per student, and student/staff ratio. It would appear that not all mediums use the same criteria in which to rank the universities, for example, some of the featured rankings used teaching quality or job prospects and others did not.

As a result of the various changes in criteria, as well as the different reasons for a student choosing a university and the courses on offer, university rankings are never going to be concrete. How do you really answer the question, which university is the best in the world?

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