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History TuitionGreater London Tutors can recommend a wide selection of expert History tutors for private tuition across the whole of London. Our tutors have many years of experience preparing students for Primary, GCSE, A-Level and undergraduate History exams, assisting them in achieving top grades.

There are different ways to study A-Level History. Firstly, there are three national exam boards which set the history exams: the AQA board, OCR board and the Edexcel board. There are also separate exam boards for Wales and Scotland, however these are not as frequently used. Each exam board is obliged to adhere to national standards, however the exams are slightly different so students should be aware which board is setting the History exam they will be sitting.

We only recommend History tutors who are experienced in preparing students for all the exam boards and are knowledgeable about the differences between them. We can source an expert History tutor to help with your specific requirements and topic requests.

Both the GCSE and A-Level exams and courses are divided into topics according to the period within History that you study. A course will have a specific focus, and usually a student will study two distinct periods and sit separate exams in each.  Examples of possible topics of study include:

–          Modern American History
–          The Middle Ages
–          Tudor England
–          Origins of the Second World War
–          The American Civil War
–          The Cold War

We are able to source primary, GCSE, A-Level and undergraduate private History tutors all over London. If you would like any further information on this or other tutoring services, including English tuition in London and French tuition, then please give us a call on 020 7034 0800.

Alternatively, you can read more about our selection process for tutors.


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