`I cannot believe my luck in finding your tutor, she displayed such professionalism/dedication and care for my subject and is someone, when needed, I will always go back to. Thank you very much for the introduction.`
Miss H-S, HA3

`Very satisfied … Excellent`
Ms. S, N13

`Very pleasant, very flexible and well approachable, seen a great improvement in the subject … My son has gained more confidence … Very pleased as the tutor shows genuine interest.`
Mr. A, CM16

`My son was very happy to have him as an excellent teacher.`
Mr. J.C.P, SW17

`How fortunate my daughter and I were to meet this treasure! Elaine encouraged my daughter way beyond her professional duty. Caroline looked forward to her weekly tuition in German and has benefited greatly with Elaine`s care. We thank you and we thank Elaine for her professional manner and for being the lovely person she is.`
Mrs. G, N14

`Found her interesting and enthusiastic`
Mrs. C, EN3

`Excellent – understood exactly what stage [my son] was at and where and how he needed to move forward. My son passed his GCSE. Although it is easy to be happy because he has passed, Maureen was an excellent tutor. She cared – went the extra mile. Anyone can tutor but to motivate a 17 year old to pass is a different story.`
Mr. D, South East London

`Helped my son tremendously … Given him the confidence he needed in himself.`
Mrs. G, RM2

`My son now enjoys and understands the subject`
Mr. W, W2

`She is brilliant`
Mrs. C, W9

`Very good – my daughter was very pleased and said your tutor was very enthusiastic and helpful`
Mrs. P, N9

`Your tutor created a very good rapport with Rebecca and she learnt a lot. The experience was worthwhile because Tim brought a new aspect of English to Rebecca.`
Mrs. B, SE16

`The tutor is a very good teacher. He makes things seem easy, and my boys like the way he explains things.`
Mrs. B, NW11

`My son thinks he`s a good teacher.`
Mrs. McV, NW3

`We would certainly use Sami again – very helpful.`
Mr. W, N1

`Happy to recommend her to anyone.`
Mrs. S, N6

`Just wanted to let you know that my daughter thinks your tutor is the best teacher possible. She loved your lessons – the way you talk, explain, the whole lot.`
Mrs. S, West London

‘Fantastic, couldn’t be better. I only wish I had contacted you years ago and my daughter might have not struggled so much to keep up!’
Mrs. H, W14


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