New Standards Set To Tackle Less Qualified Private Tutors

Minimum qualification standards will be set for private tutors to follow, and a code of ethics which tutors will be required to sign up to, after reports claim that poor quality teaching could be harmful on pupils’ education.

These standards have come after Ben Thomas, head of Thomas’s Battersea, criticised tutoring as taking away students free time due to parents wanting to provide their child with extra help after school hours and on weekends. It is argued that tutors are providing students with an overload of tuition with some reports showing that children as young as three are being given tuition sessions to help with entrance exams into Primary schools.

The Centre for Market Reform of Education, a think tank, is now in plans to create the first national association for private tutors, which will be created in order to help develop the standards within the tuition industry and improve the stability of tuition. Tutors are now also required to sign up to a new code of ethics and take part in a variety of different procedures in order to meet the new standards.

James Croft, the director of the Centre for Market Reform of Education, said there was “precious little guidance for parents seeking tutors, who are often ill equipped to assess their children’s precise needs”.

“There’s the occasional problem of tutors undermining the work being done in school by teaching different methods, but more problematic is just this widespread lack of clarity about what tutors are supposed to be achieving and how to gauge whether they are helping.”

“On the other side of the equation, there’s the problem of over-tutoring in preparation for exams, which can obviously be counter-productive. “Underlying all this is the problem that there’s little assessment of pupil’s needs going on that is separate from the tutoring process.”

“Presented with an anxious parent who is insistent that their child needs help, a freelance is unlikely to turn that customer away.”

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