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We have comprised a list of the top 10 maths exam revision tips, we believe can benefit you:
  1. The only way to learn Maths is through regular practise; simply reading over your notes will not be as helpful as practising doing the calculations.
  2. Ensure that you prepare with the calculator you are going to use in your exam (if permitted) so that you are familiar with its functions.
  3. Try to remember all formulae as thoroughly as possible. If you note down the correct and relevant formulae in the exam you may still get marks, even if the answer is ultimately incorrect. Your Maths tutor will be able to help you decide which formulae are the most important to remember.
  4. Use the space provided on the paper to show all of your working out. Do not be afraid of making too many notes as examiners will want to see your method.
  5. Make sure you note any working out as clearly as possible. In some cases, Maths examiners want to know how you got to your answer (as well as the answer itself), so you may get marks for your method. However, this needs to be labelled clearly, distinct from the answer you are giving.
  6. Remember to write the units of the answer you are providing, for example in metres or kilograms. Failure to do so may result in dropped marks.
  7. Each axis of a graph should be labelled clearly to help the examiner find the information they are looking for.
  8. Read the question carefully. If it asks you to show the exact answer then you must do that. It may ask you to give an answer to a certain decimal point, so ensure that you answer the exact question that is asked of you.
  9. If you get stuck on a particular problem then you should move on and come back to the difficult one later. Time wasted on one tricky question at the expense of time spent working on another simpler question, could potentially result in wasted marks.
  10. Make sure you have all of the correct equipment required for your exam. For example, if you are taking a calculator paper, make sure you bring a calculator that complies with the regulations for that particular examination. Ensure you have a protractor, ruler, pens, pencils, compass and anything else that may be required. Do not be afraid to ask your Maths tutor if you are unsure what to bring into the exam.

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