Grammar Schools Filled With Middle Class

Grammar schools are reported to be filling up with middle class children whose parents are becoming increasingly keen for their children to have better opportunities.

This comes as news from conservative MP David Davis announces that they’ve “shrunk the size of the sector”, thus grammar schools are being dominated by the middle classes. This has been proven by the amount of children within Grammar schools who are on free schools meals, this totalled at just 3%. This figure also dispels the belief that attending grammar schools raises social mobility.

The Chief Inspector of Schools has advised that the grammar school selective system is not the way to elevate the education status above other nations. Sir Michael Wilshaw has advised that a grammar school which is full of the middle class will not improve ‘social mobility’.

Focus needs to be shifted to ensure that comprehensive schools are performing well, as grammar schools make up just a tiny 10% of the overall school population, this according to Sir Michael Wilshaw.

Data also shows that students who receive private tutoring  are more likely to be accepted into a selective school whereas children without tutoring will more likely struggle to attend a grammar school due to failure to be educated to what is deemed a good enough standard.

Tory MP Graham Brady has announced that children from a less privileged background have lower attainment levels in comparison to middle class children. “Particularly in the primary sector, (this) is feeding into the secondary. So the grammar schools aren’t themselves discriminated in any way”.

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