UCAS Personal Statement Review and Consultation

UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) is the application portal for almost all of the universities in the UK. If you are applying to study at a British University, ensuring you have a strong UCAS form is crucial so that you can distinguish yourself from the competition. The form gives you the opportunity to let universities know that your knowledge and interests extend beyond what you can prove with your grades.

An impressive UCAS form, with a relevant and well-written personal statement, can have life changing implications. However, getting this process right is difficult and challenging for many students. Often, this will be the first time students will have written about themselves in a formal way.

At Greater London Tutors, we provide students with expert consultation and advice on University applications and our consultants have helped students get into some of the top universities in England, including Oxford and Cambridge.

Please take a look at our service offering below and feel free to contact us on 020 7034 0800, or email us at enquiries@hollandparkeducation.com

Personal Statement Support

Universities want applicants who are passionate about their chosen subjects. But how do you convey this passion in a formal context? It is one thing to tell someone how much you love 20th century poetry, but how do you prove it?

The personal statement cannot be more than 4000 characters long (including spaces) or more than 47 lines (whichever comes first) and is the most difficult part of the application process. It is essentially a piece of persuasive writing aimed at the admissions tutors, and needs to be generic enough to appeal to all of the universities applied for.

The statement can prove to be very useful if you don’t quite get the grades you wanted as the university may accept you anyway based on the strength of your personal statement.

Our personal statement support takes the following format:

1) Guidelines: To start you off, we’ll send you our recommended guidelines, outlining the and the demands and purpose of the personal statement. We will provide a structure with information on the areas you need to address in each paragraph.

We will then ask you to submit an initial draft for reviewing

2) First Draft Review: After we have reviewed your first draft we will then follow up with a short phone conversation where we discuss any improvements and alterations that need to be made in detail. These changes will be noted on your draft.

We will then ask you to submit a second draft.

3) Second Draft Review: The second draft review will be a final opportunity to fine-tune your statement and provide you with the best chance of a successful application. You will also be sent a pdf document summarising any final changes that need to be made.


Contact our consultants today on 020 7034 0800 or email us at enquiries@hollandparkeducation.com


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