Are Teachers Really Happy?

According to recent studies, around 50% of teachers have considered leaving their current teaching posts, as well as ceasing to become a teacher entirely due to lack of good pay, and stress.

These findings come from a survey published for the NASUWT (National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers) by ComRes. This report advised that 52% of teachers wanted to leave their current post, and 47% had considered giving up teaching entirely. A majority considered high workloads and reductions in pay to be the major reasons for wanting to leave their positions.

It comes as a pleasant surprise however that a large majority (91%) say that they have a thrill over seeing their pupils achieve, and a tiny percentage – just 3% – feel bored with their job, meaning that most of the teachers who are currently teaching do actually enjoy the job that they do.

One of the reasons cited for teachers wanting to leave their positions was pay; this is due to a freeze in pay for the next two years, as well as an increase in the amount they have to donate to their pensions. NASUWT have advised that the survey carried out by ComRes has agreed with their notion that the teaching vocation is “on the verge of crises”.

The survey has depicted that although teachers appear to love their jobs and the children they teach can give them a greatly rewarding experience, the involvement of the coalition government’s reforms are becoming detrimental to their teaching.

According to NASUWT general secretary Chris Keates, if there is not some kind of dialogue between those in the teaching profession and the government, then it is possible that “irreparable damage is done to the teaching profession, with the consequent adverse impact upon children and young people and the education system.”

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