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The years of school education are the most formative and influential period of a person`s life. Greater London Tutors’ educational philosophy centres on developing the confidence of the pupil. We have found that a lack of confidence in one academic subject can bring down the all-round performance of a student. The dedicated attention of a tutor can show the student that he or she need not be afraid of even the most daunting of academic hurdles.

The first action of the tutor is to assess exactly where the student needs help and to plan tuition accordingly. The tutor will encourage the student to be as open as possible about what he or she needs help with and to ask as many questions as needed to understand even the most basic areas. Our tutors will not simply give answers. Their role is to help the pupil get it right for themselves. This is how our tutors are able to help explain something which a teacher in a classroom has not had time to cover fully. Greater London Tutors works in collaboration with schools and colleges and aims to encourage a love of learning in all our students.

Our tutors are trained to develop knowledge step-by-step as part of a building-block process. Many children begin to fall behind at school as a result of missing key information at an early stage. This can lead to demoralisation and lack of self-confidence. It is very encouraging for the pupil to have these areas of confusion explained slowly and thoroughly, and the results are quick and dramatic.

Confidence is built by focusing patiently on the pupil as an individual and working together at the pupil’s own pace towards a set of clearly defined goals. We believe that this is the best way to help a young person achieve his or her full potential.

We aim to provide tutors who are closer in age to the pupil than the average school teacher. This makes it easier for our tutors to develop a close working relationship with their students. The aim of Greater London Tutors is to help our students enjoy the subjects they are studying. We believe this is the only route to success in education.


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