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7+ and 8+ exams are taken by students whose parents wish for them to attend a private prep school. As well as Maths, English and both Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning tests, a short interview could be part of the entry process required by certain grammar or independent schools.

The 7+ and 8+ exams vary depending on the institution you are considering sending your child to. However, they all tend to consist of a basic Numeracy and Literacy test, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning, and perhaps an interview. An observed activity is usually also involved to show a child’s ability to interact with others, as well as viewing their response within a social setting more generally.

As every child is different, they will be at various stages of educational development. This means it is vital that each activity and course of tuition is tailored to best suit the needs of each child. This is a crucial factor in ensuring that every child has an enjoyable learning experience, especially at such a young age. A stifling and overly formal environment will not suit their unique educational needs.

The best way to tutor a child is to encourage them to stretch their imagination through methods that are dynamic, fun and exciting for them. If these criteria are not met a child will not be able to learn productively due to their young age. Greater London Tutors, therefore, recommend tutors that are specialists at working with children of this age.

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